Berries and Cream


The nice thing about having kids in the kitchen is sometimes they can be extremely thoughtful in planning a special treat for you when you’re feeling under the weather. This dish Daughter planned all by herself – she called it a cake, but this was even better. She asked Kitchen Dad to pick up the ingredients and she washed the berries and assembled the dish herself. Instant gratification with a can of whipped cream!



  • Fresh berries. Daughter chose strawberries and raspberries but any favorite berries are just fine.
  • Whipped cream

Wash the berries and cut off any leaves or stems.

Arrange the berries on a plate or in a bowl as artistically as possible.

Cover with whipped cream.

Serve! Enjoy!

Here is a link for a technique for making fresh whipped cream, if you’re feeling like going the extra mile. There is a certain joy, for small fingers, in up-ending the can and letting fly.