Beatrix Potter’s Scrambled Eggs

I found this little cook book at the library the other day. The recipes are all very English and have sweet Beatrix Potter illustrations with them. A simple recipe was the scrambled egg one.


Something I didn’t know was not to add milk but to use cream. Our 5-year-old decided that she would be in charge of making the eggs and headed out to the garden to snip some fresh chives.


She’s very careful when she’s around a hot stove eggs-in-pan2.gifand very proud of the fact that she’s old enough to be put in charge of the actual cooking.

She’s also never one to let her 2-year-old brother forget this very important fact. When she cooks, she cooks.

2 thoughts on “Beatrix Potter’s Scrambled Eggs

  1. I’m glad to see your 5 year-old at the stove… I had allowed my son to make French toast and he and I both thought it was so cool that he was able to do it.

    Then I ran across a note in a kids’ cookbook that said children shouldn’t use the stove until they’re tall enough to stand on the floor and manage it on their own. I don’t know why I let that note usurp my knowledge of how careful and competent he is!

  2. We’ve had some friends and other family members that have freaked out a little when they’ve been visiting and see our daughter at work in the kitchen. I really think it’s up to each parent to know what their child is capable of and what they feel comfortable with.

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