Farmer’s Cheese

I’ve always been fascinated with the process of making cheese. Farmer’s cheese looked easy enough for our first attempt. After reading dozens of recipes that all appear to be closely related I opted for an easy version that did not require a trip to the store for the purchase of cheesecloth. By using more vinegar the cheese will have bigger curds and using a fine mesh strainer will work. Kitchen Daughter was very happy helping with the process and impressed herself with what she remembered from science class when she studied states of matter.

1 Gallon Whole Milk
2/3 cups White Vinegar

Pour the entire gallon of milk into a large pot. Heat over medium high until hot.
The milk is hot enough when the top has the skin on it
Add the vinegar and stir it in. The curds and whey will start to separate. Let the pot sit for 15 to 20 mins.
Empty the pot by pouring into a fine mesh strainer. You can have a bowl under it to catch the whey.

The cheese sat in the strainer for an hour before it was fully drained. After that I scooped it out added a little salt, some fresh dill and served it with crackers.

Although everyone who ate the cheese enjoyed it, half of the folks said they thought they could taste a hint of vinegar. I think next time I will try the cheesecloth method using a half gallon of milk and buttermilk with less vinegar.