marmite2.jpgKitchen Dad turned me on to this savory little treat after we got married.


It’s something that was a staple at his house growing up. We buy it at our local Brit Mart and sometimes I find it at our regular grocery store in the British foods section. Toast with Marmite is great for breakfasts and comes in handy when the kids want a quick snack. It’s healthy and full of B vitamins and so very simple to prepare. All you need is bread for toast, butter and the Marmite and you’re good to go.


The secret is after you butter the toast you spread a very thin layer of the Marmite on it – probably one part Marmite to two parts butter. It’s very easy to put too much on, which is probably why there are so many Marmite-haters in the world. (And there are.)


Of course if you overdo it, just licking the Marmite off is another option.