Bellini, Virgin Style


I love it when things just fall together naturally.

On our recent summer trip we were able to sample many local food items. Along the way, peaches became the number one choice for Kitchen Daughter. In North Carolina she tried little peaches they called doughnut peaches. Oh my, how she loved those sweet juicy little gems but, alas, they do not travel well and will only be eaten on her next visit to the Tar Heel state. Still, any peach ranks right at the top of the list.

Second favorite item on her list came from Kentucky, a locally brewed soft drink named Ale 8 One, that’s very similar to ginger ale. So for our Labor Day weekend celebration it seemed appropriate to say good-bye to summer with our version of a Virgin Bellini.


  • 3 peaches (whites ones if you have them), peeled and pureed in a blender
  • 1 bottle of Ale 8 one, ginger ale or ginger beer

Prepare a long champagne glass. In other words, clean it and put it on a table.

Spoon some of the peach puree into that glass. Fill with soda. Enjoy the good life.


Drinking anything out of a fluted wine glass makes for a special occasion in itself!

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