Since we bought the new house and have said good-bye to truckloads of our money, we say hello to the summer fun of another staycation this year. Well, mostly a staycation – because Kitchen Mom is planning a get away to Penland this year all by herself!

At our now fabulous new house we have a fire pit and what’s summer without campfires and storytelling? One of the first folk tales I remember hearing was at summer camp when I was little. The tale is an old Cherokee story about how the first strawberries came into the world. If you don’t know the story look here and there are cute books that the kids will enjoy.

(Kitchen Dad learned to eat strawberries this way from Lena Ubario, an artist worth looking at.)

This dish is hands down my children’s favorite way to eat strawberries. It’s a special treat they are allowed to indulge in when strawberries are at their ripest. My daughter delights in the process of dipping and swirling the berries around and my son is filled with unabashed joy that brown sugar is one of the ingredients.

Lovely ripe strawberries
A small container of sour cream
Spoonfuls of brown sugar



Wash the strawberries and let them dry. Scoop out several dollops of sour cream into a bowl (or just use the container itself) and in a second bowl add several spoonfuls of brown sugar.

Take the strawberry by the stem and dunk it into the sour cream, coating it about three-quarters of the way up. Next, take the strawberry and dip it into the brown sugar, swirling it around until it coats the sour cream. Now , you take a big, delicious bite.

One thing I love about this mixture of ingredients is how the flavors all come together and eating ordinary strawberries is transformed by two simple ingredients into a extraordinary experience you won’t want to miss.