Diving Into Summer

Well, it’s summer here in Florida and the days are hot and humid. There has not been much cooking going on around here lately. Lots of salads, cheese, fruit and of course glorious omelets. The trend is anything that requires turning on the stove for more than a few minutes is being placed on the back burner (get it, back burner, heh!) until the farm is up and running again. That’s not to say we’re not trying out new recipes. We’ve tried making ginger beer and are… ummm… still working the kinks out of that one, and I hear talk from Kitchen Dad that a fruit sorbet is in the planning stage. We’re not going anywhere this summer so hang in there with us while we wilt away the days. I promise that we’ll have some new recipes up soon!

One thought on “Diving Into Summer

  1. I have a great ginger beer recipe from my mother which she used to make regularly at Chistmastime (in summer). The bottles were stored in the closet and when the beer got really ripe some of them would explode or at the very least the corks would blow out spewing the ginger beer everywhere.

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