Enjoying Edamame


Edamame is a wonderful snack for kids. These are fresh soybeans.

“Edamame” is a Japanese name, but as a snack food, they originally came from China. These days, they also come from local grocery stores. If you can’t find them fresh, check the freezer section.


Opening up the pods is fun and the kids don’t even know they’re eating something super healthy. You gotta love stealth nutrition head games.

Anyway, the easy way we cook these little pods is to boil a big pot of water with plenty of salt, put them in and let them boil until they are bright green – about 3-5 minutes.


After they’ve cooled off, you squeeze the pod and pop out the beans.

2 thoughts on “Enjoying Edamame

  1. Mmmmm… edamame. We’ve only had access to frozen here, so I buy the shelled ones for convenience. But still so yummy!

    Speaking of which, I think I’ll go boil a pot of water….

  2. By the way, I appreciate that you continue to post on the adventures you and your kids have in the kitchen. My experience has been that blogging can sometimes seem a little lonely when we don’t get many comments and aren’t sure whether or not people are listening. Thanks for sharing anyway!

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