Jabuticaba Berry Juice


jabuticabas grow right on the trunk!We picked berries off Nai Nai’s jabuticaba tree the other day. For those not familiar with the jabuticaba fruit you can read more about it here. Daughter is happy to eat them right off the tree – they have thick skins something like a muscadine, which makes popping them in your mouth kind of fun – but the rest of the family likes to drink them juiced. They are slightly astringent when run through a juicer with the peels still on, but great added to a smoothie.


4 thoughts on “Jabuticaba Berry Juice

  1. What a fabulous looking smoothie! Is it true that jabuticabas are full of anti-oxidants? Wish I had a tree of my own!

  2. Well, finding the plant can be a challenge.

    It’s native to Brazil and quite popular there (even inspiring songs about it.

    It does grow in South Florida, but you’ll have to know some people who grow it – it’s not grown commercially anywhere in the United States, to the best of my knowledge. It’s a backyard tree.

    Your best bet might be contacting the Rare Fruit Council or whatever public gardening organization is closest to you.

    If that doesn’t work, I suppose Nai-Nai could be persuaded to mail some seeds out!

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