Country Bob’s Portobello Burgers

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One of the advantages of writing a food blog like this one is that people occasionally send you food. Or at least sauces.

One such person is Country Bob, who wants more people to try his sauce. They should; it’s rather good, and we’re not just saying that because he sent us a free bottle. You can see for yourself… because he’s giving away a free bottle! Just leave a comment saying you’d like to try some. We’ll pull names out of a hat on Sunday the 20th and let you know if you’re the winner. Please leave us your email so we can contact you.

It’s a sauce in much the same tradition as HP or A1, only it’s slightly sweeter and doesn’t have a name that sounds like a military designation. The label says it has tamarind in it, so you know Country Bob did his footwork.

So we had to try it. We made portobello mushroom burgers on the grill, and used Country Bob’s as a marinade. If it wasn’t a success, you wouldn’t be reading this now, but it was. The kids ate ’em, loved flipping the mushrooms on the stovetop grill (with a little help) and asked for more.



  • Portobello mushroom caps. Big ones.
  • Decent hamburger buns.
  • Fixin’s (lettuce, onions, pickles, tomato)
  • Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce

We poured some of the sauce on the mushrooms while the grill (it’s a big plate of cast iron) was heating on the stove top. You might get better results if you wait until after the mushrooms begin to brown and draw water – it seemed like a lot of the sauce wound up on the grill at first. Brush on a little more. Let it get in those gills.

After turning a couple times, the mushroom should be moist, tender, spicy and delicious.

Serve on the bun with the fixin’s. Eat heartily.


Add more sauce as required. It’s really pretty good.

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